About Us

Kalon (Kah-lyn) Kosmetic mission is to change the cosmetic industry inside out by promoting the beauty of art but focus on the skin deep wars to ignite the beauty spirit.

Kalon Kosmetics journey kicked off with products we believed in to build an audience and funds to share our sole purpose with others. We embrace the art, we embrace what the artistry can do for others, and we embrace each artist individuality too.

Kalon Kosmetics was created by a woman, who started off as a Makeup Artist over 9 years ago and sought after her TV/Film Makeup Artistry Certification. During the low points in her life she discovered she was artistic and creative that drove her into her passion and dream. Making someone feel beautiful and confident changed her life. She evolved from creating an event called You Can Make It. YCMI was based in Atlanta where she went to day shelters for women & children who were going through hardships, struggles, domestic violence, and much more. She developed a team of volunteers to provide food service, makeup artistry, and hair stylist to prepare women for job interviews or potential opportunities.

Years of doing makeup professionally she knew that she could change lives on a larger spectrum, and later developed Kalon Kosmetics, launched in July 2016. Kalon Kosmetics was set to sell beauty products to raise finance for predominant goal of Kalon Kosmetics.

Our goal is to develop products and collections dedicated to a cause or awareness (e.g Mental Health, Bullying, Lupus, Sjogren's, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Sickle Cell and More). The collections include sharing someone’s story, mission cards to complete one act of kindness and information regarding the independent charity who receives donations/proceeds from the Goddess Collections. We all face trials and traumas in our life and we want no one to feel left alone. If we can shed light on obstacles many face day to day and many feeling encouraged to tell their story to help others, we can make an impact. Let’s bring light into others, we can all be Goddesses.