About Us

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   Kalon Kosmetics commits to the sentiment of feeling good, doing good, and looking good as our number one priority. We believe in offering products that provide a healthy canvas and a healthy glow by considering our consumer's wellness, confidence, and environment.

  We praise synthetic and natural ingredients that obtain salubrious skin benefits and add fundamental significance to our formulas' structure. We do not believe in fearmongering on components or marketing, as real quality relies on what is in our products. If an ingredient does not bring biocompatible value or supports our product's structure, we avoid it.

  Beauty is more profound than the surface level too. While we understand products contribute to the surface appearance, the real glow comes from within and how we impact our economy. The actual value in our community involves making a beautiful impact.



Founders Message

I'm JaLeeda, a former professional makeup artist for over a decade. I spent many years at my lowest point before discovering how artistic I was. The love of makeup and creativity sparked my confidence, and I wanted to provide that feeling onto others who were going through similar things I've experienced.

I teamed up with a team of friends and family, created a group called You Can Make It (YCMI). In the YCMI group, we would visit a day shelter and provide food volunteer services, makeup, hair, and other aides needed. As I spoke with many women who faced similar struggles as I have, I realized that I needed to touch women like this worldwide.

I continued my education at the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy and received a TV/Film Makeup Artistry certification. I had later landed bigger gigs within the industry that didn't feel like my purpose. Eventually, I discovered that I wasn't passionate about doing makeup. My intention was with the magnitude of connecting with others, boosting their confidence, and showing others they weren't alone.

Kalon Kosmetics was later born with a journey on its own, but I couldn't reach this high if it weren't for my low. I am Kalon, you are Kalon, and we are Kalon. We all have our journey, we're all uniquely crafted, we all have a purpose, and we can all make a difference.